Cooking Capsules: A new way to cook using your smartphone!

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What is a Cooking Capsule™?

A Cooking Capsule™ is an easy-to-use encapsulated unit of hands-on recipe information for your mobile cooking convenience. Each Capsule contains WATCH, SHOP, and MAKE options.

Our new Cooking Capsules Brunch app, and our original Cooking Capsules Taster app are both available now, exclusively on Android-based phones.

Search for our apps in the Android Market for “Smart Capsules” or “Cooking” OR if you are visiting this site from your computer, scan our QR codes on the left.

WATCH a short action-oriented show to see how to make the dish.

SHOP with the grocery list to check off as you buy the needed groceries.

MAKE the dish, using the handy step-by-step recipe steps.

Voila! You are a cooking genius.

WATCH* one of the eight shows from our tasty Cooking Capsules Brunch application for Android.

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