Cooking Capsules: A new way to cook using your smartphone!

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In 2008, Google challenged developers to create innovative applications for their new mobile operating system, Android, by hosting the first ever Android Developer Challenge.

The timing was perfect because Mary Ann Cotter along with her friends had been developing an idea for an application that made cooking simple. They had already shot a couple of pilot cooking shows and were seeking a way to distribute and expand them along with all the tools necessary for the home chef to make the dishes themselves.

Upon hearing about Android and the Developer Challenge from her friend Daniel, Mary Ann went on Google’s Android Challenge message boards and found a developer in Chennai, India who wanted to enter the Challenge too. She spent two months modifying and refining the user experience and interface while her new Challenge partner programmed it. She also directed more cooking shows and they entered it into the Challenge. They won $25,000 for placing in the top 50 and then expanded their team to include developers from China, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, and the UK. They further developed the app, and several more shows were produced by Mary Ann and a local team in San Francisco. The second phase development team collectively won $100,000 for placing in the Top 20.

Mary Ann and Tom Gibara, the UK teammate, then went on to refine the app for inclusion on the Android Market, becoming one of only 30 apps on the Market upon it’s launch. Tens of thousands of downloads later, Cooking Capsules™ has found it’s place as the premiere mobile cooking app, and has been ranked #1 by Wired and TIME, among others.

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