Cooking Capsules: A new way to cook using your smartphone!

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Cooking Capsules™ FAQ

Q: Who is behind Cooking Capsules™?

A: Cooking Capsules™ is the product of a small, self-funded indie start-up in San Francisco called Smart Capsules, Inc.. Currently, the app architecture/design, animation, illustration, cooking show production and photography are done locally (often the shows are shot in our tiny San Francisco kitchens). Our mobile software engineering is done primarily in the UK. The new website was designed in San Francisco and built in Wisconsin.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: It’s kind of expensive for us, but not you. The Cooking Capsules Taster is FREE (ad supported) and the Brunch and future collections only cost .99 (subject to change, of course), which works out to about 12 cents per recipe Capsule (eight Capsules per collection). Not bad, eh? With all the guidance you’ll need to easily make restaurant-style meals at home it’s a terrific way to save a bundle by eating out less. For free or a buck, we would classify it as a total no-brainer.

Q: Do you appreciate my support?

A: OMG, yes. We definitely NEED your support to keep up Capsule™ production. You can help us get paid by supporting our advertisers (on the website and in the free Taster app) and by “forking” out .99 for our Brunch collection, or buy some nice Cooking Capsules gear in our online store. We appreciate it! Also, as the Market grows, we rely increasingly on word of mouth in the Android and cooking communities to get discovered, so please tell a friend, Tweet us up, become a fan on Facebook, etc..

Q: Where did you get the name Cooking Capsules™?

A: We chose the name because we “encapsulate” each of our recipes into a and easy-to-use concentrated mobile format. A Cooking Capsule isn’t just a recipe, it’s a simple, complete recipe-making package.

Q: Will there be more recipes? Will the selection vary?

A:Yes. New recipe Capsules™ will be released in collections. We are producing a nice range of recipes so there is something for every type of eater to enjoy.

Q: How can I get Cooking Capsules™ on my phone?

A: On your Android phone, tap on the Android Market icon and then do a search for “Cooking”. We should pop up first or second. You’ll find our apps in the Lifestyle section, but a search is the quickest way. 
Cooking Capsules™ collections are currently available for all phones running Google’s Android operating system, such as the HTC/Google NexusOne, HTC Hero (Sprint), HTC Droid Eris and the Motorola Droid (Verizon), and the G1 and MyTouch (T-Mobile). This is a partial list. There are many more Android phones out and coming out from many manufacturers and carriers.

Q: Is it free?

A: Our first award-winning collection is free.

Q: Can I get Cooking Capsules™ on my iPhone, Blackberry, etc.?

We are currently just on Android but will likely be porting to other platforms in the future.

Q: Why aren’t you on more platforms now?

We would like to be available on every smartphone now, but there is significant maintenance required in doing so responsibly. Right now our focus is on the creation of more collections of highly concentrated Capsules™, not more platforms, but eventually we will be able to comfortably accommodate more, and will begin to do so then.

Q: What is Android™?

Android™ is an operating system for mobile (and other) devices developed by Google and it’s partners in an organization called the O.H.A. (Open Handset Alliance) which consists of a variety of industry leaders including carriers (e.g.: T-Mobile and Sprint) and device manufacturers (e.g.: HTC and Motorola)

Q: Can I get Cooking Capsules™ on my iPhone, Blackberry, etc.?

We are currently just on Android but will likely be porting to other platforms in the future.

Q: Why download a Cooking Capsules™ collection if I can find millions of recipes online?

We focus on the quality of the recipe and providing ease-of-use and depth of information about each unique dish, rather than the recipe database approach. It’s like shopping at your favorite local shop with specialty collections and friendly faces rather than a giant bulk warehouse. We only make our favorite, crowd-pleasing dishes, and will continually diversify our menus. A lot of thought and love has gone into each Capsule™. We eliminate many of the common hurdles to give you the time to enjoy the experience of cooking and dining at home.

Q: Is Cooking Capsules for women?

Yes. And for men. We estimate that roughly 80% of our Brunch downloads are male. We like to define our “target demographic” as “Android Users Who Eat”.

Q: How will Cooking Capsules™ to help me to cook?

Tap on a recipe that looks good. Flick through a few screens of information about it, to find out what tools you’ll need, tips, a more in-depth description, and more. Then..

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see three choices: WATCH, SHOP, & MAKE.

WATCH: Takes you to a 1 to 5 minute cooking show that provides a quick overview of how you’ll make the dish.

SHOP: Your shopping list to check off while you’re at the market. (tip: You can add more items to your list by scrolling to the bottom and tapping “Add items to list”)

MAKE: Once in the kitchen, follow the simple step-by-step recipe checklist, or experiment if you are adventurous. Voila! You are a cooking genius.

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